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Directory of "[Israeli] Government Offices and their Departments in the Kirya [government-military complex in Tel Aviv]", December 1948; 14 pages. The cover is subtitled "State of Israel - Temporary Governent" and "Temporary List #3"; the handwritten notation ascribes this copy of the "Division of Industry". The directory lists members of the Temporary Government, the Prime Ministers Office, Finance Ministry, Health Ministry, Religious Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Agriculture Ministry, Ministry of Minorities, Trade, Industry and Supply Ministry; the Police and the Police Ministry; Justice Ministry; Ministry for War Victims; Immigration Ministry; Ministry of Labor and Construction; Welfare Ministry; Interior Ministry; Transport Ministry; secretariat of the Kirya and Ombudsman. The directory does not provide addresses and phone numbers but it does list the names of heads of state, ministers, department managers and clerks - and their function/job title. A rare glipse at the structure of the nascent state, still at war for independence, and an incredibly transparent document from a time when it was fashionable to criticize the authority for being opaque, secretive and bureaucratic.


CR058, HL106