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The resource page is place for issues of interest to history-buffs and collectors. It currently features a links page to selected, related sites but will shortly also begin to include original articles on pieces or issues related to our work.

Our link page is not commercially-driven: the links below are related and recommended - with a short pitch about what the sites are. As more links are placed here, they will be presented in a more organized manner.

Feedback is always appreciated - let us know what you think of our online resources.

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Related & Recommended Links
Note: although the sites listed below are not directly endorsed by us, in many cases we have approached or been approached by these sites and have found them to be of a calibre deserving of their presentation here. We check these sites as thoroughly as we can - and in some instances we know the owners personally.


The Official Bauhaus International Style Site from Israel
A useful site with links to other informational and commercial Bauhaus-related sites.

Digital Catalogue of Art & Architecture
An informational site maintained by Arye Sabinsky documenting photographic collections of artwork, collectible items and architecture. Of particular interest are the pages dedicated to photographs of Bauhaus in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Israeli "Pal-Bell" Metal Arts & Crafts
Illustrated short history of Israel's "Pal-Bell" art and design company, whose style set the standard for Israeli home accessory designs in the 1940's-60's; with links to a collectors' forum (in English).

The "20-2-40 Style Syndicate" Site
A German informational site (in English) commemorating the fasion, culture and styles of the 1920's-40's in Germany with the influence of British and American tastes and culture; exquisitely faithful to upholding the period style, with fashion photographs, nostalgic trinkets, sound clips and screen-savers. The Israeli Nostalgia Site, 1950 - 1980
A heavily illustrated research site in Hebrew run by David Sela in conjuction with Yanir Publications. The site is an online version of an offline "Encyclopedia of Israeli Nostalgia" which Yanir is trying to put together. The site includes many pictures and descriptions - very interesting! The Israeli Collectors Site
A collector's forum and online magazine of articles run by Eran Meyuchas, covering all areas of collectibles in the Israeli collector community, including stamps, coins, pens, wine, cars and art.

The Israeli Classic Cars Site
Israeli collectible car enthusiasts site maintained by Lior Barukh, featuring articles, picture galleries, museum directories, renovation guide, and lexicon to terms. In Hebrew.


Nun-Bet Books
An excellent online (and offline) second-hand and antique bookshop, featuring out-of-print and specialty books in Hebrew, English, German and French. Carries excellent art and history books, and is run by Ben-Ami Endres Auctions, with whom we plan to have a good association in the areas of Eretz Israel, Judaica and art merchandise.


Glossary of Israeli Parties & Personalities, 1948-1981
A research resource maintained by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. Although the parent site has political content, this glossary is one of the few in-depth (and balanced) guides to the Israeli political world - with related references included as well.

The Israeli National Photo Collection
The State-run online photographic archive for Israel. Visitors can search for pictures and view them online or order them.

The IDF & Security Conflicts Archive of the Israeli Ministry of Defense
The Ministry of Defense's online photographic and documentary archive, with search engine and link to special resource site on the "Hagana".

Displaced Persons (DP) Camps
A stunningly research site maintained by Olga Kaczmar, which lists the names, locations and histories of almost all the POW, slave labor and displaced persons camps in Europe; plus histories of post-WWII/Holocaust emigration from Europe to Palestine, Australia and elsewhere. An excellent resource also for philatelic research.

History of "US Forces in Germany Labor Support & Civilian Support Organization"
Extraordinarily researched site documenting the history and even the insignia of the vast but little documented American civil and economic presence in Post-WWII Germany and Europe, including the USAREUR, Industrial Police and USAFE Civilian Service Units (Labor Service Units). An excellent resource also for philatelic research.

Palestine Police Roll of Honor
The page commemorating the 350 fallen members of the Palestine Police, from 1922-1948, with as much personal information as possible for each entry. This is just one page of a much larger site commemorating members of the British and Commonwealth police forces; excellent for biographical research.


Norway During World War II
A research site run by Kurt Monsen chronicalling the Norwegian military experience before and during the German occupation - from both sides of the fence, Allied and Axis. Contains articles written by experts like Hugh Page-Taylor on political and military issues of that time, including specific Allied and collaborationist units, plus biographical and militaria resources.

Orde Charles Wingate Commemoration Site
A history and commemoration site of the British officer (later General) who founded and led the Jewish "Special Night Squads" in Palestine, the Ethiopian "Gideon Force" and the Burmese "Chindits"; very detailed, heavily researched and illustrated.


Yad Vashem: The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority
This is the site of Israel's governmental body entrusted with preserving and perpetuating the legacy of the Holocaust. This is the central - and probably the best - source for all matters relating to the Holocaust: history, identities, documentation and artifacts. Yad Vashem includes libraries, archives and museums; the Authority publishes original research; records the names and memories of as many of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust as has been possible to assemble, and the identities of those who saved Jews during the Holocaust. The body of information at Yad Vashem and online is as breathtaking as the magnitude of the event it documents.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
The site of America's governmentally-chartered institute for the preservation and awareness of the Holocaust. Though also a museum and archive, by contrast to Yad Vashem's site, this one is geared more towards direct education and online information, with photographic encyclopedias, articles and online research materials. The site's scope also encompases genocide and crimes against humanity beyond the area of the Holocaust alone.

The Ghetto Fighters' House: Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum
The site of the Ghetto Fighters' House Museum in northern Israel. In addition to providing supporting information on museum events, the site features in-depth online archives, a Holocaust glossary, and numerous articles and research pieces. Heavily illustrated and remarkable in its scope of online resources.

Philatelic & Numismatic Items of the Holocaust
A research section maintained by the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Unique in its presentation of philatelic and numismatic materials, the section of covers specialized philately of the period, plus coinage, notgeld and leaflets. It covers ghetto, concentration camp and official German and collaborationist materials. Though a few of the items are not original and a few appear to be reproductions of the original items, the section is nevertheless very informative and the photos illustrate rare and seldomly seen items.

The Holocaust History Project
An in-depth multimedia research site featuring translated documents, photographs, original histories and commentaries about Holocaust history and historiography; maintained by a group of academics.

Website on The Warsaw Ghetto
A research site maintained by the Center for Jewish and Spiritual Studies with content by Prof. Yehuda Eizenberg. A unique site containing documentary, photographic and chronologic information on the establishment, maintenance and destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto in the Holocaust.


The "Hagana" Organization Site
Comprehensive history and commemoration of the pre-State armed "Hagana" force, maintained by the National Organization of Members of the Hagana. Heavily documented site featuring online "lexicon" search engine, historical site finder engine, comprehensive histories of the organization, its leaders and structure. With online documents, books and pictures resources. In English but mostly in Hebrew.

The Irgun (Etzel) Site
The memorial and commemoration site of the pre-State underground "Irgun" organization, written by Prof. Yehuda Lapidot and maintained by Yitzhak Avinoam. The site covers the organization's history, leaders and has a section of photographs. In English and Hebrew.

The "Lehi" (Fighters for the Freedom of Israel) Site
The memorial and commemoration site of the pre-State underground "Lehi" organization, maintained by the Memorial Association of Lehi. A nicely designed, well researched and documented site covering the history of the organization, its activities, escapes and trials. In Hebrew.

The "Palmach" Site
The memorial and commemoration site of the Palmach shock companies of the Hagana, maintained by Dr. Eldad Kharuvi, featuring the history of the formation and a comprehensive online archive search engine of documents, books, pictures, films and maps. In English but mostly in Hebrew

The Israeli Paratroopers ('Tzankhanim'), 1948-1958
A research site in Hebrew run by Dr. Aryeh Gilai, a superbly illustrated and researched site documenting the evolution, development and personalities of the Israeli paratroopers during the first decade of the State. Draws information directly from many first-hand sources and contains information difficult - if not unique to come by. A marvelous site.

The Israeli Submariners Website
A documentation and commemoration site run by Uri Dotan. An indepth site chronicalling the history and development of the Israeli Navy's submarine force; includes information on specific submarines and uniforms of the service. The unique element of the site is the collection of private photo albums by several former submariners. A interesting and unique site.

IDF History at
A research site in Russian mainatined by Oleg Granovsky. Although only in Russian at the moment it is well illustrated and contains a lot of militaria-related information, as well as histories of the IDF and its organization - the English link names help in navigating the site. Also contains MP3 tracks of Army band songs. In many respects a site similar to what I hope the "Research" section here will become.

The Alexandroni Brigade Site
A history and memorial site maintained by the Association of the Alexandroni Brigade to commemorate the legacy of the Brigade during its incarnation in the War of Independence and right after. Includes articles on the history, commanders, battle sites and operations of the Brigade. In Hebrew.

The Ammunition Hill National Memorial Site
A site commemorating the battle for Ammunition Hill in the 1967 Six-Day War. In English and Hebrew.

The "Shaked" Reconnaisance Force Site
A history and memorial site maintained by the Ministry of Defense commemorating the special force unit of the Southern Regional Command. In Hebrew.

The 87th Reconnaisance Battalion Site
A history and memorial site maintained by Danny Katznelson commemorating 87th reconnaisance battalion, which as part of Ariel Sharon's 143th Division in 1973 helped enable the division to cross the Suez Canal and turn the tide of the war. Includes, history, pictures, personnel rosters and personal histories. In English and Hebrew.

The Israeli War Veterans League Site - for the Liberating Soldiers, 1939-1946
A semi-completed history and memorial site commemorating the contribution of Eretz-Israel soldiers in the war effort of the Second World War. Includes sections on specific units, citations, fallen soldiers and site search tool. In English and Hebrew.


Kikar Israel ("Israel Square") - Central Spot for Israeli Music
As an English-language site covering Israeli music this is a rare breed on the internet: refreshingly modern, well designed and nicely laid out, the content is both very up to date and entirely in English. Features multimedia music videos, album reviews, song lyrics, an A-Z of Israeli artist bios (substantive content and not fluff) and chat forum. You'll learn alot about the contemporary Israeli music scene from this site. - Online Library of Hebrew Songs (over 4,300 songs online)
A great storehouse of Israeli, Hebrew and Yiddish music online run by the Jewish Australia Online Network: presented in a simple A-Z list format (with search option too), each song entry is translated and transliterated with links to the lyrics and in many cases also to an audio file of the song. Features many golden oldies and artists now hard to come by on the radio, resource links and actual artist dedications to the site.


Land Forces of Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth
A research site run by T.F. Mills, it's an online encyclopedia regarding the history, military presence, structure, organization and badges of British and Commonwealth regiments from 1660 to the present day. Overwhelming in its scope and content.

The Long, Long Trail: the British Army in the Great War, 1914-1918
A research site run by Chris Baker. Probably the best, most in-depth site documenting the history of the British Army in the First World War. Includes detailed information on the organization, order of battle, equipment and statistics on the British Army, as well as information on wartime medals, firsts and lasts of the war and a rich resource of related research links.

The Armourer Magazine for Militaria Collectors
A commercial site belonging to Beaumont Publishing, promoting Britain's leading militaria magazine. Armourer Magazine features articles by specialists on general and very specific militaria, weaponry and military history from Britain, Germany and the world, as well as coverage of militaria fair and event dates. The site also features an e-militaria classified and trading service online.

Palestine Police Old Comrades Association
A commemorative site for former members of the Palestine Police. One of the only sites specifically dedicated to the P.P., this site outlines the history of the organization and generally describes its size, organization and activities. The site also include pictures of its past commanders.

British Units Serving in Palestine, 1945-1948
A research page of the site "Britain's Small Wars", maintained by James Paul and Martin Spirit. The Palestine page breaks down the individual British units that served in Palestine between the end of World War II and the establishment of the State of Israel by name, military arm and service. The list is comprehensive and includes dates of service and locations; for the Navy, the list includes names of vessels, their function and dates of service, too. A unique resource for British military history in the Holy Land.

The Arab Legion
A research page from the site "British & Commonwealth Orders of Battle", belonging to Steve Rothwell. This is a very interesting history of the Arab Legion (1923-56), one of the toughest Arab military formations of the 20th Century, and also one of the few comprehensive histories of the unit in English online. The site covers other Commonwealth military forces, such as the Transjordan Frontier Force - also an interesting article.

The Zion Muleteers of Gallipoli (the Zion Mule Corps)
A research piece by Martin Sugarman maintained by the website This is probably the most comprehensive history of the Zion Mule Corps on the internet, and is well-detailed - covering the foundation and manpower of the unit, rates of pay and equipment, roll of honor and details of the wounded, as well as an in-depth history of the force.

The Pegasus Archive: British Airborne Forces, 1940-1945
A research site documenting the foundation and history of the British Airborne Forces in World War II plus photos, biographies and first-hand recollections of its members and even its POWs; maintained by Mark Hickman.
The ultimate information site on all areas related to the history, organization, equipment, militaria and traditions of the Canadian soldiers of the 20th Century; with many photographs and a chat forum; maintained by Michael Dorosh.


The Jewish Legion and Royal Fusilier Battalions
A research piece maintained by R.J. Marrion and Wayne Colwell. Though misleadingly titled, the page is about the military dress and appearance of soldiers belonging to each of the three Royal Fusilier battalions which comprised the Jewish Legion (and then the First Judean Regiment), 1917-1919. Remarkably accurate information concentrated in one place. To view the linked pictures, you may have to run your mouse over the 'blank' screen while pressing the left button.

A Family Album of the Jewish Legion in Palestine
A tribute page maintained by Phil Lachman with Legion photos and a letter from Harry Gluck. The page features unique large-size photographs of soldiers, uniforms, insignia and memorabilia rarely seen in books or on the internet. There is also an interesting chronology of the force.

Digger History: Unofficial History of the Australian and New Zealand Armed Forces
A research site run by Ted Harris - a heavily researched and illustrated site featuring indepth information on the history and traditions of the armed forces of Australia and New Zealand, with a heavy emphasis on the regalia and soldier-life of those forces as well as of those they fought against.

Jamie Cross Militaria
A commercial site belonging to Jamie Cross, a professional militaria dealer and author; an expert in Third Reich German and volunteer items as well as British fascist memorabilia. The site features excellent online resources and detailed information on key aspects of specific collectible items. A watchdog for the collector's interests.

Axis and Foreign Volunteer Legion Military Awards & Postal History
A research site belonging to Rene Chavez, a published expert in the area of World War II philately. The site features in-depth articles on the history and militaria of foreign volunteer legions serving the Third Reich, as well as articles on the wartime postage of the legions and the Third Reich. Features stunning photographic accompaniment of the genuine - and rare - items about which the articles are written. Some original items are also for sale on the site.

Decorations and Medals of the State of Israel
A research site belonging to Ed Haynes and Tal Inbar - one of just a few sites to list and describe Israeli military and police awards and decorations. A good supplement to the above site.

Irish Medals, 1916-46
An illustrated guide to the different medals issued to Irish and Ireland-based British forces, including medal histories and manufacturer details.

"The Easter Rising" Irish Medal Site
Excellent illustrated guide to Irish medals accompanied by Irish histories and biographies, and related ephemera; includes information on fakes.

Ribbons of Orders & Decorations of the World
An excellent illustrated key to the universe of ribbons issued by various countries maintained by Lukasz Gaszewski. Provides the design and official name of ribbons - by country.

British Formation Badges, 1939-45
Excellent illustrated reference guide to British formation badges and formation locations, maintained by Peter Ghiringhelli.

Data on U.S. Army Divisions During World War I
Excellent reference on US Army divisional emblems of World War I and detailed names of the various units who wore those symbols; maintained by P. Darlene McClendon.

US Uniforms, Insignia & Medals of the Italian Campaign in WWII
An illustrated site documenting the medals, badges and insignia worn by US soldiers who fought in Italy, including a table of division symbols used.

US Army Clothing History
A documentary history the uniforms and their development, in the US Army from the Civil War to the Korean War.

French Military Pin Identifier
An excellent illustrated key to the intricate collection of French military pins produced over the last 60 years; in French but brief and understandable.

Polish Medals and Militaria
A research site run by A. Mongeon detailing Polish medals from the 1700s to the present day, with about 13 separate subject-pages of information. The site also includes resources on fakes and directories for collectors of Polish stamps and coins - with specialized links to related sites this is a remarkable source for its scope and depth, a central point for collectors of Polish memorabilia.

Belgian Formation Badges & Insignia 1940-46
A research site run by Jean-Marie Van Wijnsberghe, documenting the history and militaria of Belgian armed formations serving the Allies after the fall of Belgium. Richly documented - with period photos and pictures and descriptions of badges - this site is, as the author points out, the history enthusiast's response to poor public documentation of this specialized but important period of Belgian history. The site champions greater interest in the Allied side of occupied Europe's wartime experience and is an excellent if not unique resource for Belgian militaria.

Belgian Militaria: 1830-1940 and 1946 to the Present
A research site belonging to Albert and Peter Verstraeten, documenting the militaria of the Belgian armed forces for the period before and after the Second World War (i.e. an excellent supplement to Wijnsberghe's site above). The site covers many specialized aspects of the armed forces' history, including Korea, the Congo and auxiliary services of the armed forces. Like the above site, this one also focuses exclusively on the patriotic military participation of the Belgians - in this case the militaria of many specific resistance movements.

History of the Belgian SAS Parachutists, 1942-45
A rsearch site maintained by Des Thomas and Marc Backx on the history, member biographies, operations and militaria of the Belgian SAS in World War II.

Brassards of the Belgian Resistance in World War II
A rsearch site maintained by Maarten Verburg documenting the armbands and histories of numerous Belgian underground resistance and army forces in the Second World War; heavily illustrated with many brassards and their details.

Rick's Hat Check Room
A research site run by Eric (Rick) Reiss, presenting his collection of headwear from around 12 specific countries, plus several others. His presentation includes, military, municipal and social headwear, and is well illustrated with photographs. The site carried specialized articles on headwear from specific countries as well as a good glossary of jargon and words for the hat collector.

World War One and Wars Involving the United States
A research site run by P. Darlene McClendon. Although the site covers many of America's wars, this is a stunning and in-depth resource primarily in regards to its coverage of the First World War. The site documents the insignia of nearly every American division that fought in the First World War (with photographs), plus it illustrates American and foreign wartime uniforms and insignia; it also lists and illustrates the country's major military awards, decorations and campaign medals. Though clunky to navigate, it's a pleasure to browse.

Israeli Special Forces Insignias Guide
Resource page of a larger information site - The Israeli Special Forces Database - promoting interest and awareness of the Israeli special forces units. This insignias page is quite unique in that almost no English (or even Hebrew) publications exist which describe the numerous different badges of the special forces. The page is also valuable in that it covers insignias of now-disbanded units and their histories. Beyond this resource, the site is informative on all other aspects of the country's special forces: unit identification, weaponry, training, equipment, etc.

Israeli Insignia of Ranks Site
Well illustrated site on Israeli military and civilian ranks, from the pre-State period to the present day, including Mandatory Police forces and the IDF.

Arabic Military Medals
A commercial site run by Elie at Ghossoub specializing in Arabian militaria. Though a little neglected, the site features scarce photographs of medals from major Arab nations, plus information on the dates of their institution, their significance and variations. The page on Palestine is particularly interesting.

Medals of the State of Palestine
A research site belonging to Ed Haynes - one of the few sites in English to describe even a few of the military badges related to Palestine and the Palestinians. Though presented as a work in progress the site features detailed information on British-awarded badges and also introduces the names and purposes of more recent Palestinian-created awards.

The Soviet Military Awards Page
A research site run by Arthur G. Bates, covering exclusively Soviet military distinctions, awards and medals (i.e. not insignia or general militaria). Stunning in its depth and detail, the site describes specific awards by type and variation - with photos - with background information and classification of rarity. A great resource for Russian/Soviet enthusiasts.

Frikorps Danmark
A research site maintained by Frants H. Jensen. For collectors of foreign volunteer militaria of the Third Reich, this is a unique, heavily-researched site covering the history, membership and [photos of rare] insignia of the Danish volunteers and collaborating forces of the Third Reich. Although in Danish, the site is easily navagatable and informative.

Hagespraken der Beweging (Dutch NSB site)
A heavily illustrated research site in Dutch only, detailing the history, organization, insignia and personnel of the Dutch National-Socialist Movement (NSB) during the Second World War. Articles include details and documents on the financing of the party. An excellent resource for the militaria and memorabilia collector.

Norwegian German Volunteers
A site documenting the history and militaria of the various Norwegian volunteer units of the German forces in World War II.


Ancient Jewish Coins
A research site run by Roy Marom. A unique, illustrated online resource covering the history and mintage of Jewish coins in ancient times. Features detailed photos of rare Jewish coins.

SaskCoin: Collecting Ancient Roman Coins
A small research and commercial site run by Sean Behiel. Provides informative illustrated information on what to look for when buying ancient (Roman) coins and how to clean and care for them afterwards.

WWII Philippine Numismatics & Currency
A well-researched and illustrated site cataloguing and describing the various guerrilla currency, Japanese occupation and US military issues produced during World War II.


Zoebbel's Stamps of Palestine Mandate
The best philatelic history website covering the postal history of Mandatory Palestine through to the establishment of Israel and the Palestinian Authority, includes field post offices and individual stamp issues. Heavily researched with the best - and hard to find - sources, it manages to summarize much information into a few well written and illustrated pages. Amazing!

Judaic Philatelic Resources
A heavily researched and illustrated site documenting Judaic history in the Holocaust and beyond, using documents, philately and family histories; includes histories of individual Jewish communities in Europe; maintained by Edward Victor.

The Romanian Postal-History Page
A research site run by Grecu Dan-Simion, a specialist in Romanian philately. The site is packed with detailed articles on all aspects of Romanian (and related Hungarian) postage, including specific military and train-station station identifications plus rare pictures of postmarks and cancellations. A gold-mine of philatelic information and military history.

De Nederlandsche Veldpost / The Netherlands Field-post Site
A comprehensive research site on Dutch fieldpost, featuring photographs and illustrations of Dutch military post from the 1830's through the World Wars, colonial and U.N. presence until today. Although the site is entirely in Dutch, there is an English-Dutch guide online and most of the words are easy to understand. Very interesting!

Guide to Stamp Forgeries & Stamp Counterfeits
A resource page maintained by G. Kock, with links to over 150 different specialized external articles written by philatelic researchers, collectors and dealers. A very interesting resource for the specialized collector.

Confederate States of America (CSA) Stamps & Postal History
A research and commercial site run by John L. Kimbrough. An amazing study into CSA philately; though brief and numbered in its issues, there are a number of subtle varieties and variations in the CSA's stamps and covers and this site thoroughly details them. The site also has articles about CSA philately and fakes, and additionally covers CSA currency and weaponry. Also has an interesting piece on internet auction scams. Sales lists are online. An excellent resource on Confederate stamps.

Stamps of the Italian Social Republic
A research site run by Giorgio Bifani, chronicalling the philatelic history of Mussolini's north-Italian RSI (1943-45). Remarkably detailed and illustrated, the site covers all aspects of the RSI's philately - regular issues, National Guard issues, military post, covers and fakes - and elaborates precisely upon the subtle variations in the printing and rarity of each stamp series produced by the RSI. A remarkable site!

Stamp Domain's Country Resource Page
The country resource page of Stamp Domain, which features links to stamp collecting groups, as well as articles on specialized stamp issues, post and cancellations. The Polish page is especially good.

Ask Phil: Stamp Reference Site
An amazing philatelic refence site sponsored by the Collectors Club of Chicago. The site features numerous in-depth articles for maintaining a stamp collection; a stamp-identifier catalogue; an in-depth auction, library, museum, expertising and dealership directory, as well as a comprehensive philatelic glossary. A super resource for stamp collectors.